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The Settlers Online


11.07.2019 The Settlers Alliance: Toolmaker

Dear Settlers,

Did you see the recent post at "The Settlers Alliance" about the Toolmaker building? 

The Settlers Alliance: Toolmaker

Check it out here, and let us know what you think in the comments!

Happy settling,

27.06.2019 Special Summer Gem Packages

Dear Settlers,

Score a big deal on Gems this Summer with exclusive Gem Packages!

Summer Special Gem Package

  • Start: 28th of June 2019
  • End: 21st of July 2019
  • Bonus: +125%
  • Restrictions: Each +125% package can be purchased only once per player

If you're still eligible to purchase a Starter Pack, the Summer Promotion Packs will take its place until either it's bought, or the offer ends. 

Dribble the ball on over to our shop to find out more!

Happy Summer!
The "Settlers Online" Team

05.02.2019 Test news

Dear Settlers,


Blah blah.









06.04.2016 I would call this...

23.03.2016 Sad news


16.02.2016 This is a news post for Oliver

Sorry for the scary crab from last week. Have a kitten with a frog hat!

27.01.2016 Do NOT expand this news post at all costs!!


26.01.2016 Man arrested during haircut

04.12.2015 Fold news

Will it work?

25.11.2015 Expanded news


29.10.2015 Timezone News 2


27.10.2015 NEWS WOW


20.10.2015 Best news ever

Free pizza for everyone!

09.10.2015 Test News is Testy

Test News

24.09.2015 testestest

news testi

22.09.2015 ze news test

ze news testze news testze news testze news testze news testze news testze news testze news testze news testze news testze news testze news testze news testze news testze news testze news testze news test

10.09.2015 ze newwwsss

ze news test 

03.09.2015 Newsfull news full of news

> > > ][\][ ]E \/\/ SS < < <

01.09.2015 The raise of the level is capped

Today it is raining again.

Please take your umbrella with you.

25.08.2015 The news are always alright !

Mkay ? 

20.08.2015 blabla news test test

13.08.2015 18.08 web test of death.

You know it!

12.08.2015 Do pics work when added to news?

If pictures worked, you would be able to see this!!

07.08.2015 8.11.2015 insane news!

go ! 

04.08.2015 Awesome news 4/08/2015

Must be the best news ever made @world.

23.07.2015 blablabla

carlos wants blablabla

Then he gets blablabla


Excuse me?


Edited by Carlos :D

21.07.2015 This is todays news!!

I am hungry!  End of story!

17.07.2015 News test 17.07.2015

News test 17.07.2015News test 17.07.2015News test 17.07.2015

09.07.2015 The best news ever!!

This is just in!!  Carsten is a traitor, now he is all by himself :D And we shall pay for our sins...someday.

07.07.2015 News test test 11 11 22


02.07.2015 A test to remember!

Will this duplicate, that is the question.

30.06.2015 A big lost

Your settlers will miss you so much!!!!


They wish you all the best in the future.

26.06.2015 One day left

One day till weekend. :)


18.06.2015 News test 18-06-2015

News test 18-06-2015 !!!!!

18.06.2015 News test 18-06-2015

News test 18-06-2015 !!!

16.06.2015 Banner

The banner is now in the center.


It's written and so it's true.



09.06.2015 News Today

Nothing new

05.06.2015 Bridge day

The new settler has arrive and try to settle in the new world.

01.06.2015 randomus newsletter

blahblah blah blzpsi

28.05.2015 Test


21.05.2015 News test test 11

19.05.2015 bböah


24.04.2015 Test 123 123

test test this is a test

24.04.2015 Test 123

test test test

29.10.2014 testertest

this is a test

21.02.2014 Test


New paragraph

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